Hello, we are Lester and Charmaine.

/ We are creatives
/ We create content for people and brands
/ We seek meaningful relationships
/ We enjoy nature and a great walk
/ We applied for our BTO in 2015
/ We lived in a van for 5 months

/ He lives to work
/ He enjoys a good story
/ He spends too much time finding the right music
/ He likes to draw portraits of her
/ He indulges in camera reviews during lunch
/ He wanted to be an illustrator
/ He grammar not so good

/ She is his partner
/ She enjoys good graphic design
/ She spends too much time finding the right font
/ She runs non stop on the track and on her mac
/ She has lots of white hair
/ She made $9 on medium, click here to support
/ She vetted and edited the above passage

/ We appreciate sincere emails
/ You can say hello@lesterlee.info